Landlord Tenant

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When our clients are presented with tenants that constantly violate the terms of their lease agreement or fail to pay according to the rent terms identified in the lease, they must act fast. At the Law Offices of Sandra M. Yono, we take a fast acting and aggressive approach to protecting landlord rights for both commercial and residential real estate tenants. Even more importantly, our office offers cost effective consultation and representation through the lease drafting and negotiation phase of a landlord-tenant transaction. During this phase, our office is better able to protect landlords by anticipating problems that may arise and taking into consideration each client’s specific personal circumstances, so as to safeguard landlords from lengthy and costly future litigation.  In addition, our office provides representation to persons or entities that are looking to enter into a lease transaction as a tenant and any issues that may arise thereafter.

We handle the following regarding the landlord tenant relationship:

  • Residential and commercial lease preparation
  • Collections on landlord tenant judgments and breach of contract for the remainder of the lease term following an eviction
  • Evictions
  • Property damage
  • Noise violations
  • Litigation